Author: Stephanie Daria

Time changes perception of college

As I look back on the past four years, I realize that my approach with school has completely changed from my first semester to my last. As a freshman, getting straight A’s was all I cared about. Now, I realize that being a perfectionist is more limiting than liberating.

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Richmond group channels jam band roots on new EP

Whether playing songs that make you dance or songs that make you contemplate the message, Richmond jam band, Sully & The Odditoriums offers groovy vibes and a powerful voice. Drawing inspiration from artists such as B.B. King, The Grateful Dead and even singer-songwriter John Mayer, the band presents a singular sound that is not only pleasing to the ear but also offers a platform for social and political commentary. One of the band’s founders, Louisville native Sean Sullivan, said he draws a lot from his roles in theater for inspiration. “Educational theatre is about getting your point across or...

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Value shouldn’t be based on relationships

Attaching someone’s value to their relation to someone else does not humanize them. It perpetuates the idea that our value is defined by relationships to other people rather than having value as an individual. It’s time we start focusing on “the someone,” rather than “the someone’s.”

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Enjoying music doesn’t equal fangirl behavior

If a guy studies his favorite sports team, he’s a dedicated fan. If I research everything there is to know about my favorite band, I’m labeled a “fangirl.” I’ve spent years reading up on the music industry, studying my favorite bands and becoming familiar with the music world. I still feel like I have to explain to my guy friends why my favorite band– with a major girl fan base– is worth a listen. If it isn’t heavy, has an elaborate guitar solo, or a solid male following, it’s no use. Boy bands, fangirls, groupies: welcome to the world of shaming women’s interests and anyone admired by women. Boy band’s earned their title solely based on being attractive guys that target a young female audience, and fangirls and groupies earned their title solely based on being female and being overly obsessed with celebrities. Are there any fanboy’s? No, because men’s interests are rational, whereas women’s are viewed as irrational. Bands associated with a female following often have to prove themselves as respectable musicians in the industry. Flashback to 2009: I was a 13 year old girl who had just discovered a band who displayed values reflecting more than dollar signs and fame. I spent hours studying the entire history of the band, watching every music video and reading every interview I could find. Like any immature teenager, I believed...

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