Author: Colin Compton

The traveling tennis player

It’s no surprise to anyone who follows EKU sports that the Colonels tennis team consists mainly of foreign students. With the exception of just one American male, the men and women’s tennis teams are all from abroad, and all represent the Colonels on the court.    Putri Dwinta, 19, a junior from Dubai, came to EKU on a full scholarship for tennis in Fall 2015. Dwinta was born in Indonesia, and as a child moved throughout Asia. Months after her birth, her family moved to Singapore for two years, then to Bali, Indonesia for five years, and then to Malaysia for the next ten years. After Malaysia, her family moved to Dubai, where they currently reside.    Dwinta said her mother is a “stay-at-home mom” and her father is an aircraft engineer, and that her father’s job is the reason for their moving around. Dwinta said her father helped her get into tennis at the age of 10, and being a tennis player himself, he encouraged her to play.    “At first I wasn’t interested—I was a badminton player,” she said. “My dad played tennis for his college in Indonesia…One day he asked me to come to the tennis court and I said sure. That’s when I started playing tennis.”    However, Eastern was not Dwinta’s first American college. She initially was in Idaho at Lewis Clark State College...

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