Author: Cassandrea Grey

President Benson hosts student budget forum

President Benson led a discussion about EKU’s financial picture, outlining the various increased costs and reductions in state funding, during a budget forum on Tuesday, Nov. 29, in the O’Donnell Hall. President Benson went on to discuss that EKU is prepared for any scenario they may face in the state cuts, and how performance based funding may effect EKU in relation to other universities within the...

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Lancaster pedway damaged after collision

A portion of the pedway over Lancaster Avenue has collapsed after a collision. Around noon on Sept. 9, a commercial vehicle from Rock Trucking hit the pedway on Lancaster Avenue causing significant damage to both and one other vehicle. The bed of the truck was raised and collided with the pedway. The bottom of the pedway collapsed onto Lancaster Avenue sending debris on top of the truck and another vehicle. The other vehicle suffered damage to the rear window. No students were in the pedway at the time of the incident and no injuries have been reported at this...

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Theatre Department shines in musical on man-eating plant

Crowds swarmed into Gifford Theatre from Feb. 24 to 28, as the EKU Theatre Department performed their production of Little Shop of Horrors, a comedy-horror musical originally written by Howard Ashman. I, personally, was pleasantly surprised with the Eastern’s take on the classic musical, directed by Professor Alana Ghent. The musical features a clumsy young man named Seymour, played by Sean Sullivan, who was orphaned as a child and now lives in the inner-city. Seymour works in the destitute flower shop of Mr. Mushnik, played by Nicholas Hemlic, and loves his job. Seymour pines after his coworker, Audrey, played...

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Bevin uses abortion bill to push conservative agenda

Seen by so called “pro-lifers” as a victory for babies across the state, Matt Bevin has passed the informed consent bill. This bill will force all women looking to get an abortion to be “informed” of how terrible they are. The only vote against the bill was from Louisville Sen. Perry Clark (D). Not only are women now asked to meet with their doctor face to face 24 hours prior to the procedure now (in lieu of receiving medical information through the phone), but they must also have an ultrasound in which the picture is described by the doctor...

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Clinton and Cruz win Iowa Caucus

The oh-so important Iowa Caucus took place on Feb. 1, 2016. Representing the people’s opinion of the presidential candidates, the caucus is important in determining how the candidates will do through-out the race. Interestingly, the way the Democrats and Republicans handle the caucus are completely different. For Republicans, voters use secret ballots, and then tally their votes to see who attends the party’s county, state and national conventions. The Iowa GOP has 27 Republican delegate positions awarded based on the statewide vote proportionally. Overall, Iowa sends 30 to the GOP convention. For Democrats, however, after an hour of hearing...

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Guns do more harm than good

Recently, a proposal supported by Tim Moore has set a bill in place to allow people with concealed carry licenses to carry a firearm on public school property as well as in buildings controlled by state and local government, except courtrooms and detention facilities. This bill is currently in the House. While the bill has been proposed to heighten safety on school grounds to account for the increased reports school shootings in the United States, the idea of allowing more guns into the area is similar to fighting fire with fire; everyone gets burned. The issue is not that...

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