As we roll into a new semester and a new year, the Progress has some changes of its own to announce.

This semester marks a major rebranding period for us. Starting Feb. 1, weekly Progress editions will start printing in a more features-driven, tabloid format. This allows us to deliver more of the human interest stories you love in print while strengthening our daily online news presence. Throughout the semester, the Progress will also increase its focus on daily, breaking campus news that readers can depend on.

With this change comes an additional shift towards online content and multimedia. From here on, readers can expect increased video coverage, new podcasts, and storytelling through new media like interactive maps.

“We feel the Progress should be a part of every student’s daily life, so we’re branching further out into podcast and video to give our consumers more ways to access our content,” said incoming editor-in-chief Robert Ristaneo.

Of course, this is made possible by new contributors with new ideas. Anyone with an interest in reporting, photography, podcasting, shooting video, or starting a column is encouraged to email any of the people listed below. We’re always looking for people with new ideas and something to say.

Robert Ristaneo, editor-in-chief:
Collin Overton, managing editor:
Tricia Kelley, adviser: