Lt. George Carroll’s freshest memory of EKU was his first day driving to campus.

“I was recruited by one of my friends from North Carolina, where I earned my undergrad. I had to drive through a blizzard in the middle of the mountains of North Carolina to get to Eastern,” said Carroll. “But when I got here, I enjoyed meeting the people and getting to know everyone. ”

Carroll graduated from Eastern in 2012 with a master’s in Public Health and Environmental Science.

While on campus, he was the treasurer of the Environmental Health Science Club.

Carroll’s advice to students is to find internships that might help their career chances after graduation.

“Apply to new jobs to get the most out of your experiences,” Carroll said.

“Get out of your comfort zone — I immersed myself in different areas and I gained so much out of them.”

Carroll’s definition of success is to enjoy what you do.

“It’s critical to enjoy what you do. There are people I know who go to work and they don’t enjoy what they do. Being happy and loving what you do is success to me.”

Carroll now lives in Arizona as U.S. Environmental health specialist for Yosemite National Park.

“My favorite part about my job is the variety of work,” Carroll said.

“When I started as a PHS officer, I worked for Indian Health Service in a remote area of northern Arizona where we were tackling issues such as tick borne disease, injury prevention, food safety and animal control.

“The cumulative experience I got with IHS propelled me to my current gig with the National Park Service here in Yosemite where I’m responsible for protecting the health of our staff and nearly 5 million visitors that come through the park annually.”

“Don’t give up when things don’t seem like it’s going to happen,” Carroll said. “There will be opportunities, so put yourself out there.”