GOOD: Caitlyn Rahshulte, 20, dressed as a Victorian professional mourner for Halloween.

BAD: Weaver Gymnasium has both chipped paint and rust in the lockeroom and hallways.











Although EKU has beautiful scenery, some of the original buildings, that have made our campus beautiful for so long, have begun to deteriorate.


EKU students demonstrated the good on campus by celebrating Halloween by dressing in constume for the holiday. Caitlyn Rahschulte, 20, a junior journalism major,  celebrated the holiday by dressing as a Victorian professional mourner.

Professional mourners were people paid to attend funerals and loudly mourn the deceased, according to Rahschulte.

Both males and females were professional mourners because they were often the assistant to the undertaker.

Mourners often transitioned from actual mourning to working as waiters during the funeral festivities, said Rahschulte. 


Weaver Gymnasium has chipped paint and rust throughout the lockeroom and hallways.

The building houses two sports courts for basketball, volleyball and badminton. The gymnasium also contains locker rooms.

According to Discover EKU, Weaver Gymnasium was constructed in 1930 and named for Charles F. Weaver, a former member of the Board of Regents.

Weaver also established two of the first financial awards at EKU.

Weaver Gymnasium orginially cost $204,000, and the most recent renovation occurred in 1976.

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