I understand that the undesirable parking will be remedied some with the construction of the parking structure behind the New Science Building. However, our issues are still very present.  The parking spaces are there; it is just a matter of appropriating them effectively.

A suggestion that could be made to EKU Parking Services would be to assign “Grand Campus Resident” passes to those living in the Grand Campus apartments. Any additional spaces could then be “auctioned” off to other residential pass holders, thus guaranteeing enough spaces for Grand Campus residents while also taking some of the pressure off of the residential lots around campus.

As for freshmen parking, there are a number of parking lots that are now freshmen only, such as Ashland, Perkins and Vickers lots.

I fully understand that these lots are quite a walk for some, but it is no secret that parking at Eastern Kentucky University is atrocious. There never seems to be enough spaces, and they definitely aren’t in the most opportune places. For years, students and faculty alike have complained about the tedious nature of this seemingly mundane task.

While EKU Parking Services have made great strides, such as adding parking Zone Z parking, in alleviating some of the pressures of parking, the service still leaves something to be desired.          

Parking is particularly heinous in the Grand Campus parking lot this year. In years past, the lot was open to residential pass holders only. While this included all residential students, it never seemed to be an issue for Grand Campus residents to find a spot even in high traffic times. 

This year, however, it is near impossible to find a parking spot in the lot. This is due to freshmen and others being allowed  to park in the Grand Campus lot on the weekends, but then officials not truly limiting it to just the weekends.

As a Grand Campus resident, I find it difficult to leave campus knowing full well that I may be forced to circle the entire lot multiple times praying that a spot opens up only to then be forced to park in the back of the Lancaster lot. It is fairly ridiculous that Grand Campus residents are paying $3,750 a semester and still not guaranteed a parking space close to their home.

There are a number of residential lots on campus that include Brockton Residential lot, Burnam lot, Commonwealth Resident lot, Keene lot, Kit Carson Drive Resident lot (121 spaces), Kit Carson lot (360 spaces), Lancaster Resident lot, Madison lot, Telford lot, and Walters lot. This goes to show that there are plenty of parking spaces for residents as well.

The parking that Grand Campus Residents expect with their $3,750 a semester housing should be available when they need to park their vehicles.