DeAnn Stephens graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 1994 and received a Bachelor’s in Broadcasting and Electronic Media.

She was involved in Kappa Alpha Theta, Student Senate and was a Gamma Chi while on campus.

“There is no comparison to a school where you are getting more personal care,” Stephens said. “Know your professors. I still keep in touch with my professors. They were very inspirational to me. I felt like the professors really cared. The class was a size where the professors actually got to know you.”

Stephens advice to every student is to get as many internships as possible.

“Get as much hands on experience as you can,” Stephens said. “I feel like me being able to get to know the people there. They go to know me and I got to figure out what I wanted to do. Getting hands on experience is critical for your career.”

She believes that everyone defines their own success.

Deann Stephens is a WKYT reporter and an iHeart Radio morning show host of Officer Don & DeAnn. She recently won Broadcast personality of the year. The award will be presented in November at the CMA.

“Each person’s definition of success is different,” Stephens said. “I feel so happy and I am so blessed to be a CMA winner. It’s in and out of yourself. If that is what you want out of your life and you are happy, you’re successful in my eyes. Do what makes you happy.”

“I always tell students who are thinking about college, that it was the best time of my life,” Stephens said. “Embrace it all, enjoy it. have a blast. Take advantage of everything the university has to offer. The opportunities I had in Broadcasting and got to be on the radio in college, that went a long way for me. Take advantage of the opportunities and don’t let them pass by.”