Most Eastern students have rubbed Daniel Boone’s golden toe outside of Keen Johnson at one point in their college career.

This year, Eastern’s football team is hoping to cash in on the magic.

Every home game of the semester, Campus Recreation, Student Activities Council (SAC), Multicultural Student Affairs, Student Life and the athletic department collaborate to host Fan Jam, an event  where the football team can forge their new tradition of rubbing the golden toe for good luck.

Fan Jam is not solely about the good luck Boone’s toes can bring, though.

It is also a chance to connect fans to players, coaches and members of the athletic department.

“Fan Jam was started to bring attention and excitement to the upcoming home game,” said Brent Parmer, director of Campus Rec.

Fan Jam runs from 6 to 7 p.m. on the Friday before home games.

The event begins outside of Keen Johnson, but often bleeds into The Ravine during its concert series.

Starting at 6 p.m, students can mingle with one another and visit vendors for free food.

Student Life and Campus Rec also pass out T-shirts displaying Eastern’s helmet to wear to the upcoming game.

Eastern’s band also gives students a taste of what they may hear at the game, and the cheer and dance teams performs samples of their routines .

At 6:30 p.m. the football team makes their way to front of Keen Johnson, and Head Coach Mark Elder gives a speech to excite the audience, as well as his team, for the upcoming game.

Then the players will take their turn rubbing Daniel Boone’s toe for good luck.

Following the toe-rubbing tradition, SAC will host a concert in the ravine for students, Parmer said.

“We help to supply the Jam in Fan Jam,” Lucy Giordullo, a senior in forensic science and biology, said.

The concert is meant to excite students and give them a fun environment for their Friday night leading up to the game.

One of the main goals of Fan Jam is to help encourage students to stay on campus, and safe, for home games, said Giordullo.

“We hope the event with help students gain some school spirit and school pride,” Parmer said.

The next Fan Jam is November 11.