By Leonard Combs

EKU hosted tours for alumni on Friday, Oct. 20, to allow them to see the changes on campus.  Alumni were invited to register online and meet at the Alumni Center located in Blanton House. Around 60 people participated in the tours, which included alumni who graduated as early as 1952.

“We want to make sure our alums are educated properly,” said Stephan Greenwell, senior director of engagement and communication. “We’re not just tearing down their old residences for fun.”

Greenwell further explained that the campus has improved since the alumni have graduated and that the alumni center wants them to see it.

“Most of [the alumni] graduated before we were born, so they want to see the new additions on campus,” said Lesley Peyton, 19, public relations sophomore and one of the tour guides. She said the tour also allows the alumni to reminisce about the time they spent on campus.

“I just think it’s really neat to hear their stories about how things used to be and how great things are now, ” Peyton said.

The tour was only open to alumni and their families and was free to join. Each tour lasted about an hour, and five trips departed between 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. A trolley ride was part of the tour, but alumni were also free to participate in a walking portion of the trip. Each tour route was determined by the tour guide, with routes changing based on where an alumnus is most familiar.

“The university is twice the size of what it was when I was here,” said James Wilson, who graduated in 1972 with a bachelor’s degree in industrial technology.

Wilson said the university is very different from when he was a student.

“The overpass wasn’t there and nothing was on the other side of the street,” Wilson said.

In addition to the physical changes, Wilson said he was impressed with how much the student population had increased and how clean the school is.

“I’ve been to a lot of schools,” Wilson said, “and this is really, really nice.”