Guns do not kill people. People kill people. While that statement holds some validity, it cannot be denied that guns are designed to kill. The presence of firearms makes conflict more susceptible to violence.

The Las Vegas Massacre has reheated the gun control debate. Although there has been no progress, in either establishing that the gun regulations will change or not, has been made, it is apparent that there needs to be a change.

The Second Amendment states that “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Gun control does not encroach upon this right. Controlling the purchasing and trading of firearms does not mean that ALL guns are going to be illegal.

With the increase of gun violence, a reasonable response would be to control the grade of the weapons that the civilian should have.

High capacity magazines should be banned. If the main reason for purchasing a gun in self-defense, a handgun works as well as an assault rifle does.

If we take the second amendment literally, it is old-fashioned. America does not need a militia. The Second Amendment doesn’t state that the individual civilian has the right to bear arms for personal reasons. He has the right to have weapons to form a militia.

While there are regulations in place to combat criminals from obtaining weapons, the gun show loophole inhibits any progress being made. The gun show loophole is, at private events such as gun shows, those sellers are not required to perform background checks on gun buyers, as long as they have reason to believe that person is not prohibited from buying such weapons.

As a result, many gun shows do not perform background checks which means that anyone of legal age can obtain a gun. The loophole prevents the regulations that attempt to stop criminals from buying weapons that they do not report. The law does not know that a felon is in possession of a firearm.

Gun laws should be the same across the United States. By making gun laws uniform there are no legal questions concerning what is allowed in what state. Outlawing the gun show loophole, would create another barrier as well as ensure that people who purchase these weapons are safe to do so.

Background checks are required, but the checks need to be enforced and always reported to the federal government.

Classes on how to use guns as self-defense and gun safety should be required before the purchase of the weapon along with a continuous program where people must renew licenses and pass a test.

Being informed of the risks of carrying a weapon is important. While a permit is required to purchase and conceal a handgun, the license should apply to all weapons. Each year people should also report the guns that they purchased that year, as a consensus to further the accuracy of the reports.

Mental health inspections should be performed before the purchase of each firearm to ensure that the person is mentally capable of having a gun and deciding when it is appropriate to use the weapon. The government should fund these background/mental health checks so that there is no reason for sellers not to implement these tests.