Created Equal, a pro-life group, visited EKU on Wednesday, October 18. The group lined the Ravine’s sidewalk with pictures of aborted fetuses, terminated at different times during a pregnancy, in addition to a screen projection declaring “abortion is ageism” and “these victims are human beings” between footage of aborted fetuses and body parts.

Sam Riley, a member of Created Equal, said the pictures posted were up for a reason.

“If any nation is willing to take the lives of innocent human beings, we should have to tolerate seeing them,” Riley said.

Created Equal set up in the Ravine  as part of their year-round college campus circuit. The organization has been touring campuses since the organization was founded in 2011.

Riley said he has been working with Created Equal for a year.

“I had a friend who committed suicide after having an abortion and I wouldn’t want that trauma on anyone,” Riley said. “I’m not just here for the babies being killed, but for the men and women who go through abortion.”

In addition to Created Equal visiting campuses to speak about their pro-life stance, they also offer counseling hotlines for those who are contemplating abortion and those who have already gone through it.

Seven Created Equal workers handed out pamphlets with Go-Pros strapped to their chests as a precaution. Go-Pros are meant to record anything, from vandalism of Created Equal’s equipment and property to recording violations of speech rights.

“If it isn’t filmed, it didn’t happen,” said Mark Harrington, director of Created Equal.

Harrington said he has been in the pro-life cause for as long as he could remember.

“Abortion offends my sense of justice,” Harrington said. “In the Declaration of Independence, it says that we’re all created equal and that we have a right to life. If you don’t have that right to start with, you don’t get to experience any other rights or privileges.”

Emma Mysko said she has been involved in pro-life movement since she was 13. She’s been with Created Equal, working full-time, for the last year and a half.

“We know scientifically that human life begins at the moment of conception,” Mysko said. “Because we believe all humans are equal, we should never end the life of a human being.”

Rachel Burkey, a Created Equal member, and Joshua Decker, sophomore majoring in art education from Florence and pro-choice, had a conversation on abortion.

“If the child is causing damage to the body, or if the child is conceived through rape and causing the woman emotional trauma, then it’s the woman’s choice to not birth the child,” Decker said.  

Burkey said she shares the opinions of Created Equal. That opinion being abortion is a human rights violation and an act of ageism.

“When I ask people, ‘do you believe in human rights,’ most everyone will say yes,” Burkey said. “When I ask them ‘what about pre-born humans,’ a lot of times they’re confused. I like to refer to abortion as a human right’s injustice and that helps people think about different human rights and justices.”

Despite having differing opinions, Decker and Burkey shook hands and parted ways after their conversation.

“Me and Rachel did have a very nice discussion on the ethics of the subject,” Decker said. “It was a very good argument. It’s just not my stance. I respect her stance and I’m glad that she respects mine.”