We were supposed to go in just two weeks. We were supposed to be in Las Vegas potentially staying at Mandalay Bay Casino just two weeks after the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

For fall break, my mother, sister and I were supposed to be in Las Vegas. We could not find the flights we were looking for, but it is hard to imagine that just two weeks before we were supposed to be there Stephen Paddock would open fire on innocents attending a Jason Aldean concert.

Just this past Friday, my sister and I attended a concert at Rupp Arena. We were celebrating my sister’s birthday; we had an amazing time. Many of these concert- goers were just like us. They were having fun. They were enjoying themselves before the actions of a single man changed their lives forever.

Fifty- nine people were killed and at least 527 were injured during Paddock’s massacre, reported CNN. The shooting lasted 10 to 15 minutes according to CNN source and witness, Rachel de Kerf.

Paddock had been staying at the Mandalay Bay Hotel since September 28 and was in possession of 23 weapons inside his hotel room. When police entered the hotel room he appeared to have ended his own life, CNN reported.

Families and friends of victims are forced to mourn their loved ones that were gone before their time.

Survivors are left with holes in their hearts as they mourn the friends they lost.

They have to learn to cope with the emotional as well as the physical trauma left in the wake of this tragedy.

Headshots of the victims have begun to surface as the victims are identified, said the Los Angeles Times. The victims are beginning to take on names, faces and stories, which make this already heartbreaking story so much more tragic.

The Washington Post has published stories such as that of Jack Beaton’s. Beaton and his wife had attended the concert together to celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary. Once they heard the gunshots they laid down on the ground. Beaton covered his wife’s body with his own and told her that he loved her and she told him that she loved him just before he took a bullet to save her life.

The Washington Post reported a similar story but the name of this hero was Sonny Melton. He was a RN at a hospital in Tennessee. He took bullets in his back to protect his wife who is a surgeon.

These heroes sacrificed their own lives to save the ones they love. They died as protectors.

For others, they did not get to be there for the final moments of their loved ones lives. This is the story of Laura Shipp and her son Corey. He had gone to the restroom before the shooting began and was unable to make it back to his mother. Unfortunately she was killed during the tragedy. She was missing until Tuesday, at that time she was declared dead The Washington Post published.

It’s hard to imagine being there and I cannot even begin to pretend to know what those effected are going through. Our love and prayers are being sent from Kentucky to all those effected by this massacre.