Every other Monday is a Karaoke Night at the Wesley Foundation Building. Singers of all songs, from every genre, flock to belt out favorites.

That night’s trio, Mary Gray, Jordan Moran and Abigayle Queen, wondered aloud what songs they should choose. Gray and Moran started the night with a duet to the tune of “How D’ya Like Your Eggs.” Mary Gray and Jordan Moran started the night with a duet to the tune of “How D’ya Like Your Eggs.” 

This Monday night was supposed to be an Open Mic night, where people could sign up to sing original songs, read poetry or do other performances. Since no one showed up for Open Mic, the night turned to karaoke.

“It depends on the night, but sometimes we have two or three people show up, sometimes we have whole groups come in for karaoke,” Gray said. 

Singers can choose from any song they want, from pop, country and Disney songs. Abigayle Queen channeled Maui in her rendition of “You’re Welcome,” from Disney’s “Moana.” 

“This is my first time doing karaoke,” Queen said. “It’s pretty fun!” 

Every performance was punctuated by smiles and laughs. Two friends sang duets while the other manned the computer.

If a karaoke version of a song couldn’t be found on YouTube, a friend at the computer would scroll carefully through the lyrics while the other sang. 

The pastime isn’t just for fun. Some do it to mingle, to make friends and to relax after a long day. 

“Richmond isn’t my home, so coming here to sing has really relieved me of some stress,” Queen said. 

A flurry of different songs filled the room as the evening went on. Moran did a soulful cover of “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” and Queen sang Sugarland. 

The group took turns singing gospels and song interludes were taken with good humor.

Gray checked an imaginary watch on her wrist while she sang “Just Around the Corner” from The Addams Family Musical when the song broke into a lengthy instrumental. 

Gray said the whole point of karaoke night is to provide a comfortable place for people to hang out and have fun. 

“As much as I love singing, before I started doing this, I had never done karaoke before,” Gray said. “But here, it’s such a small, casual setting that you feel comfortable. Even when there’s a ton of people, it’s still comfortable. If you like karaoke but you don’t like bars, you should come here!” 

Karaoke and Open Mic nights alternate each Monday and start at 6 p.m.

The next Open Mic will be October 9, with EKU Alum Zak Kratzer stopping by as part of his Open Mic Mini-Tour.