Your college campus and your apartment are supposed to be considered your safe places. When I heard that 21-year-old student,Kenneth A. Davis, a Western Kentucky University student was shot and killed early Sunday not far from campus, it absolutely terrified me. It is absolutely crazy to me that someone was shot only a few miles away from where they attend college. The shooter, Peter G. Gall, also a WKU student, told police he had shot someone and he has since been charged with second-degree manslaughter. Alcohol was believed to play a part in him shooting Davis.

When I think of violence on campus, I never associate it with EKU. I have never thought of EKU as being a dangerous place. I know that EKU has its problems and many acts of violence go un-noticed and un-reported, but I cannot imagine two students that I am close with being involved with something like a shooting which results in both of the people’s lives being over.

Thinking of the pain that this act of violence has caused Davis’ and Gall’s families, friends, professors and WKU’s campus as a whole, made me realize just how lucky I am to be a part of the EKU family. When you’re on campus, regardless of its problems, you feel like you’re a part of something.
Another reason that it was so hard for me was that it hit so close to home. I live on campus currently, but last semester I lived in an apartment only a mile or so off of campus. I cannot imagine feeling unsafe in my home and I cannot imagine how scary it would be to be attacked in the place where I am supposed to feel most safe.

I think when things like this happen, it reminds you to always be grateful and appreciative of what you have as opposed to the negative things you could focus on. When you come to school at EKU, you meet your family. You meet friends that you never thought you would ever have and then wonder have you ever made it without them.

I am so sorry to Kenneth Davis’ family and friends that his college journey was ended so soon.