With all the club sports that EKU has to offer, it isn’t surprising that there may be a few clubs EKU students may not know anything about or the ways they could get involved.

One of the club sports that isn’t very widely spoken of is the fencing club. There is also a class students can take about fencing, which is encouraged but not mandatory, for students looking to join the club. 

EKU’s fencing club has been around since the early 90’s. Many alumni are still going to matches and tournaments to support the team.

With several medals and competitions under their belt, the fencing club is taken very seriously by those who choose to participate and compete. Currently there are only eight members but the team is looking to expand and do more.

“I think the diversity in the club is very surprising to a lot of people,” said Stewart Zdrojowy, president of the fencing club.

Zdrojowy said when it comes to fencing, there aren’t many members of the club that would fit into the typical athlete stereotypes.

“You don’t have to be bulky like people think you have to be in football and you don’t have to be tall like people think you have to be in basketball,” Zdrojowy said.

The fencing club welcomes all people who are willing to take the sport seriously. Zdrojowy said he knows fencing is hard to pick up at first, but that it gets easier if people are willing to put in the work and learn.

“If you come into practice and put in the effort, you will more than likely succeed,” Zdrojowy said.

Members of the club practice three to four hours every Sunday and Tuesday, with some members practicing at least half an hour to an hour every night. The fencing club meetings are in Weaver Gymnasium 204 and are on Sundays from 4:30-6 p.m.

The team suggests that those interested in fencing have some kind of experience or be enrolled in the fencing class that is offered on Tuesday evenings. You can use the fencing class as a free elective.

The classes are in the Moberly Building, Room 102 at 6 p.m. The club is training to have a team to represent EKU in local as well as national tournaments. The club also plans on attending nationals next semester.

If students are interested in participating in the fencing club or just interested in learning more about the sport, they can support EKU by joining the club or going to try out. Try-outs are on Sunday, September 17.

For more information, contact the president of the fencing club, Stewart Zdrojowy, at Stewart_ Zdrojowy@mymail.eku.edu.

If student are interested in any club sport, practices or game dates, contact Justin Raymer at Justin.Raymer@eku.edu for more information.