EKU aides students in their search for a community by hosting an array of different clubs and groups. These groups bring together students who all have similar passions. 
One such group on EKU’s campus is Yarnia, formerly known as Knit one, Crochet too! 
“I wanted to start the club because there was no knitting or crocheting club on campus,” Jessica Harris, Yarnia’s president said.   
“It was pretty simple,” Harris said. “All we had to do was have six people interested in being in the club, create a set of rules and fill out a form on Orgsync.”
One of the main rules for Yarnia is if the knitter or crocheter is skilled enough they must contribute at least one piece for the end of the semester donation, Harris said. 
The group was started in Spring 2017 and instantly made a splash by winning New Organization of the Year, Harris said. 
Since the start of the group, they have grown to over 20 members, Harris said.  
“We are always looking for new members,” Harris said. 
There are many ways to join Yarnia. One way is to find the club on Orgsync and click the join button there, Harris said.
Another way to join is to go through their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/pg/YarniaClub/about.
The final way to join Yarnia is to attend one of their meetings. Yarnia has a meeting every Monday in Wallace 446, Harris said. 
“People who don’t know how to knit or crochet are free to join as well,” Harris said. 
On crafting days there will be a designated teacher who wears a lanyard so anyone looking to learn will know who to go to, Harris said. 
The goal of the meetings alternate every Monday, one week will be business oriented while the next week will focus on actually crafting. 
“One meeting will be based on the business aspect of the group while the next will just be a fun day filled with knitting and crocheting,” Harris said.  
Yarnia met for the first time this semester on Monday, August 28. The meeting was all business, focusing on their fundraisers and their end of the year donation plan, Harris said. 
“Every semester we have a big donation project,”  Harris said.
Last semester Yarnia chose to donate to the Baptist Health Maternity Ward, Harris said. 
“We made baby hats, blankets and items for preemies,” Harris said.
This semester Yarnia is planning to donate to Richmond’s local humane society, Harris said.
“We also do fundraisers throughout the semester where we sell hats, clothes, face scrubbies, ear warmers, lanyards and so on,” Harris said. 
Not only do the members of Yarnia make premade items but anyone who wants a piece made can request something from the booth, Harris said.
The upcoming fundraiser will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on September 1 at Powell Corner, said Yarnia’s treasurer Shanoah Shelton. 
The money raised at the fundraisers goes towards helping the group buy more products to use in creating their crafts, Shelton said. 
Yarnia hopes to have at least three fundraisers throughout this semester, Harris said.
The next fundraiser will be in October and then December. 
“We’re hoping to start having themes for our fundraisers,” Shelton said. “The October fundraiser will be fall themed while the December fundraiser will be Christmas themed.”
The upcoming Yarnia meeting will be geared more towards actual crafting, Harris said. The group members will be chatting, listening to music and doing whatever kind of crafting they choose to do, Harris said.
“The meetings aren’t all business though,” Harris said. 
People who need to fulfill community service for classes will have extra reason to want to join this club, Harris said.
“Someone can join the club, spend an hour creating a hat, take a picture of that hat and then fill out a community service form and have one hour of community service finished,” Harris said. 
This allows anyone who knits or crochets to do what they love while also fulfilling requirements for classes, Harris said. 
“We are just looking to be charitable and help people find a hobby that they enjoy,” Shelton said.