Buying and eating local is all the rage right now— its both healthier than many grocery store options, and helps support local businesses. To keep up with the times the people of #EKULocal are bringing local vendors of all types to Eastern’s campus.
EKU’s Office of Sustainability will be hosting #EKULocal on Thursday, September 7 from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. both in the Ravine and on the lawn of Keen Johnson. Visitors will be able to park in the Jones Lot, as well as the pay lot across from Campbell building, which stops charging at four, said Patrick McKee, EKU Sustainability Manager.
The event was created by EKU Sustainabilty students who had been given a grant so they could create an event which celebrated local goods, McKee said.
“EKU Local is geared towards handmade crafts and farmer’s produce,” McKee said. “We wanted to step back and help bring recognition to smaller and local businesses.”
Last year, the event was only open to students, faculty, staff and alumni, but this year the event is open to all Richmond residents, including the Madison County Farmers Market, McKee said.
“We have the event when we do because we want to take advantage of the harvest season for the farmers,” McKee said.
Along with local produce being sold, there are also jellies, jams and salsas being sold by local farmers. University Drive will also be closed for food trucks and vendors needing to unload.
The event is not geared just towards produce, though. Last year, local craftsmen and women sold heaps of jewelry as well as other handmade goods, McKee said.
This year, #EKULocal already has around 30 vendors signed up, and more are expected before the event. Vendor applications are still being accepted, and can be found at
“No shop is too small or too large,” McKee said.