College is a time to try different things. For many students, college is a chance to try alcohol without parents knowing, go to that wild party or maybe date that person parents would not approve of. Trying new things is great; it is how we grow and learn who we are as individuals, but every choice involves responsibility. 64 percent of college students who practice a religious faith digress in their practice of that faith according to data in a 2007 report published by Social Sciences Research Council. Some students lose their faith during college, but for me, college is the time when I rely on my faith the most.
Keeping your faith while making new friends and trying new things is difficult. EKU is a diverse campus. With so many unique ideologies all converging in one place, it can be difficult to maintain faith. One way to maintain faith is writing down what you believe. Go in depth in your analysis of your faith. Sometimes you will find that you are not really sure what you believe or why you believe something. That is okay. It is important to have a starting point so you can grow your faith.
Next learn more about your beliefs. Even if you grew up going to religious services, study for yourself. One place to start is by joining an organization on campus. Finding an organization that upholds similar beliefs to your own provides a support group that you can learn from.
Another option for study is to invest time in your religious text(s) and find a place of worship. Spending 10 to 15 minutes each day praying, reading and studying can help strengthen and solidify your faith. Finding a place to worship both on and off campus helps you build a large support system. Having numerous people to talk to allows you to hear and learn different interpretations of a particular faith while still allowing you to make your own decisions about what you believe.
Maintaining a faith on campus is hard. Often times it means defending your faith. With so many different ideologies on campus, it is easy to get lost and confused in your faith if it is not clearly defined. Determining what you believe and maintaining faith is a personal endeavor that each student must face.