“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
-Robert Frost
Pepsi may not be the more popular cola, Coke has become nearly synonymous with the term cola itself, but sometimes the less popular option is superior.
I’m no soda hipster. I don’t love Pepsi just because it’s less popular than Coke, but because it is just fundamentally better.
Coke is flashy, dependent on acidity and excessive carbonation to maintain the facade that it’s a good cola, but on the fundamental parts of being a good cola, Coke falls short.
Just think, have you ever had a flat Coke? It’s so drastically different that it’s nearly a different beverage entirely. It doesn’t even taste like Coke.
Flat Pepsi isn’t good either, but it still tastes like Pepsi. Pepsi doesn’t depend on supplemental flavors and distractions to trick the person drinking it into thinking that it’s a better cola than it is. Pepsi is upfront about the flavors it presents.
At its core, Pepsi is a good cola unlike Coke. When you order a Pepsi at a restaurant, get one in a bottle or in a can, you get the same consistent product every time. When ordering a Coke, it’s immediately necessary to assess the establishment you’re in to determine whether or not the Coke will meet the basic standards it needs to pose as a good drink.
Coke is not the same at McDonald’s as it is at Wendy’s as it is from a vending machine.
With Pepsi, you don’t have to worry about anything surrounding it. Pepsi is a reliable friend who will always be there for you when you need it most, and it won’t show up drunk to your Christmas party.
Beyond all that, Pepsi makes the calories and sugar you have to consume worth it. Coke’s flavor, at its best, is abrasive and overwhelming. You can feel your teeth sizzling in your mouth as the acidic fluid rushes across them.
Pepsi? Sweet, smooth, refreshing. A consistent taste from start to finish that’s straightforward about what it presents.
Pepsi is extremely sugary, and you taste it right away. Coke doesn’t want you to realize that though. Coke tries to trick you into believing there’s not as much sugar in it as there is so you’ll keep drinking it, when in reality it’s just as bad for you as Pepsi is.
Pepsi is not flashy, but it’s an honest, wholesome cola for people who are intelligent enough to overcome the brainwashing done unto them by Coke.
Also, we have Beyoncé and Coke does not. So shut up.