Since any of us can remember, Eastern has been a Pepsi campus. This summer, though, Eastern finally became legitimate (to me, at least). We’re finally a Coke campus, everyone!
I can remember walking into Downstairs Powell during my orientation the summer before coming to college. Our orientation leader pointed to the soda fountain, and I immediately noticed it: the generic circle with red, white and blue. We were a Pepsi campus.
Not to be dramatic (although being completely dramatic), I thought about saying no right then and going to the University of Kentucky — a real school with real soda. That’s how serious Coke is to me.
Of course, I didn’t actually transfer. I love EKU. Outside of its disgusting soda choices, the campus is truly wonderful. So, I sat for three years. I drank water, mostly, but when I needed some sort of Coke, I reached for the generic knockoff of Cherry Coke: Wild Cherry Pepsi.
I settled. And I’m so happy I never have to do that again. Coke is clearly the superior drink on all fronts. Though I’m not a fan of diet sodas, I’d take a Diet Coke before a Diet Pepsi any day. Cherry Coke might possibly best the best drink in the entire world. It tastes like heaven. And don’t forget about Coke. The perfect drink.
Any one who likes Pepsi (Corey) is lying to you. They don’t actually like Pepsi, they’re just pretending to so that they seem different or cool.
Pepsi tastes sweeter, like it’s trying too hard to be different, but ultimately ends up tasting likes you down a bottle of syrup.
Coke is consistently better. It’s packaging is cuter. And it’s timeless. What more could you possibly want?
If you’re sitting here thinking “Honestly there’s no difference,” you’re wrong. And now you can test it.
If you’ve been on campus previously remember the feeling you had when you went to DSP at 1 a.m. and picked up a Pepsi. Compare that feeling to when you rush to DSP and grab a nice, cold refreshing Coke or Coke product. You’ll know Coke is better.
I’m so excited that campus has finally agreed with me, and I can’t wait to spend all of my flex dollars on Coke this year. President Benson, bless you and see you in DSP this year!