Laura Jackson has been confirmed as SGA president-elect following a court case Friday night investigating her campaign.

The court investigated a mass email sent by campaign member Evan Singleton encouraging students to vote for Jackson/Wiggins in the recent SGA election.

SGA Senator Ted Herr claimed that the email sent by Singleton violated an IT policy that would then violate an SGA bylaw requiring campaigns violate no school policies.

Herr’s case centered around the claim that Singleton wrongfully obtained student email addresses and by sending the aforementioned email he put students at risk of phishing and hacking.

Inspector General Omar Salinas, who led the investigation of the Singleton email, was called to the stand by Herr and asked if he found any violations of IT’s code of ethics by the Jackson/Wiggins campaign.

“I didn’t find in any of those cases that Jackson/Wiggins violated any of those code of ethics,” said Salinas.

Salinas said that after his personal investigation he contacted Jeff Whitaker, Deputy Chief Information Officer for IT. Salinas said that after reviewing the email, Whitaker said it violated no IT policies and thus violated no SGA by-laws.

After Salinas was dismissed, Singleton was called to the stand.

Singleton was asked how he gathered the student email addresses and if he had innapropriately aquired student email addresses through a listserve at his job at the Student Success Center. Singleton said he copied and pasted the email addresses from two other mass emails he regularly receives from campus organizations.

Singleton also said that in his position at the Student Success Center he did not have access to listserve email lists, confirmed in an email by Lara Vance, Singleton’s boss and director of the Student Success Center.

Following the dismissal of Singleton and the closing statements, the court justices had a final chance to ask the defendent and plaintiff any questions they still had.

Chief Justice Caleb Dunn asked Herr if there was any actual risk in sharing student email addresses through mass emails when emails of that nature are received by students everyday.

“How can I share something that everybody has the ability to have?” Dunn said.

The following morning Dunn announced the results of the case outside Powell, stating that the court found the Jackson/Wiggins campaign had not violated any policies and its email did not put any students at greater risk.

Laura Jackson will begin her work as SGA president at the start of the Fall 2017 semester.