After winning a close race, SGA President and Vice President-Elect Laura Jackson and Ryan Wiggins will go to court after allegations were presented accusing the Jackson/Wiggins campaign team of breaking bylaws during their campaign.

The allegations, according to Student Court Chief Caleb Dunn, have to do with a Student Senate senator accusing the campaign of breaking bylaws through use of technology—including, but not limited to, use of emails.

This case is not the first of its kind, as Dunn said many SGA election results have been contested during his eight semesters on Student Court.

The process, however, has changed since the controversial overturn of Damir Siahkoohi’s election win. The court’s decision is now final, unless new evidence is introduced, or there are claims of personal bias during the decision making process.

Dunn said the case is only in the earliest stages,  giving both sides time to make their cases, however he believes the court will come to a conclusion before next Friday.