Rebekah Goheen, 56, is a Recreation and Park Administration major with a concentration in Therapeudic Recreation from Lexington Kentucky.

The subject of this article was originally the lack of food choices on the E.K.U. campus, particularly healthy ones. After researching this topic, I have come to the opposite conclusion. My exploration has opened a whole new respect and admiration for Aramark Dining Services who oversees the Fresh Food Company and campus catering services.

At the risk of exposing my lack of detail to attention, or rather let me rationalize that I so intently had my mind on school work that I was not aware that the Fresh Food Company existed on the second floor of the Powell building. It was during my third year at Eastern that I became aware of its existence. I was under the assumption that the second floor was only for faculty and staff to dine. Little did I know that right above my head was a literal smorgasbord of culinary selections.

The Fresh Food Company offers a varied menu consisting of a bakery, pasta bar, deli wraps, sandwiches, an Asian grill, comfort food & pizza, and last but not least an awesome salad bar that features fresh fruit along with some dang good humus (red and yellow). If these choices do not tickle your taste buds, there is more.

Other on Campus food choices include:

•Einstein Bros. Bagels/Moore Building-signature sandwiches, egg sandwiches, hot sandwiches.

•[CU] [I] [Si] [Ne]/New Science Building-pizza, sandwiches, salads, yogurt, fresh fruit.

•Fountain Food Court/1st floor Powell Building-Twisted Taco, Greens to Go, Chick-fil-A, P.O.D.

•Market, Subway, and Grille Works.

•Java City/Library Café-varied specialty coffees, fruit smoothies, and yogurt boost smoothies.

•Starbucks/217 Park Dr.-variety of sandwiches, coffee drinks, and deserts.

•Stratton Cafe/443 Kit Carson Dr.-wide selection of burgers and sandwiches (hot & cold), chicken wings, chicken fingers, grilled chicken, veggie burgers, and veggie sandwiches.

After all, education is the reason we gather here on a daily basis, and break bread together. Let’s start with the web site which is a virtual treasure cove of educational information pertaining to nutrition.

No kidding, check it out! Every item that is served at the Fresh Food Company is listed along with a legend which tells you if the food is vegan, the amount of grains, calories, fat content (good and bad), sodium level, and calcium content.

The also features a Fitness Pal app. you can download and start your own food diary with. The Healthy for Life & Wellness tab will take you to the educational resources section.

If you have time take the wellness walk, although you may not lose weight on this walk you will learn the best places to eat on campus. For those of you who have inquisitive minds, and wish to increase your nutritional knowledge of food even further you can contact campus dietitians or chefs with your individual inquiries. I am getting hungry!

Now all I have to do is make an informed healthy choice which should not be too hard after all I have learned today. If nothing else, I now realize that nutrition consists of well informed choices, and healthy daily habits.

That about raps it up, hmm, a spinach and humus wrap sounds good. Good health to everyone, and bon appétit!