Cottage on Main was created by Christy Metcalfe and Kay Funk, who did what everyone wishes they had the courage to do and followed their dream.

These two women opened up Cottage on Main, a furniture and décor boutique, a resource for all people in the community who are looking to remodel, renovate, craft or support local business.

For EKU students, Cottage on Main provides affordable décor and furniture, and for anyone looking to sell furniture, Cottage on Main will purchase and sell it, similar to the customs of a consignment store.

The setup of the store allows customers to visualize the style they desire for decorating their home. Each room in the shop contains particular fabrics and decorations used to create certain themes such as rustic, elegant or colorful.

“They were so nice when I shopped there,” said EKU student Abigail Gulley. “Their decorations made my dorm room feel comfy and homey.”

Customers can make their own unique, one-of-a-kind pieces and this practice has allowed the business to grow tremendously.

“We usually do two or three projects a day,” said Andre Gelinas, the owner of Top Shelf Painting and full-time painter for Cottage on Main.

They also offer classes for people of all ages. Some previous classes include painting basics, teaching people how to use the products they purchased, and bridal classes where a bride and her bridesmaids can paint and craft their own decorations for the wedding.

“You can even decorate a table so you and your groom can have a custom-made sweetheart table,” said Sales Associate Connie Kincaid.

The business supports locally made products and hosts programs to promote community outreach. Some weekends, Cottage on Main opens its doors to other small business owners who do not have a space to showcase their products. Each business is given a room to display their merchandise.

“It’s two ladies starting something from the ground up that can also support other small businesses,” Funk said.

Metcalfe spent years working in corporate America and decided it was time to escape and follow her passion of design and decorating. She began renovating her own home and let others come tour it thus advertising her talent. Through this, the soon-to-be owners of Cottage on Main became acquainted and realized their potential for working together.

By the “providence of God,” they grew closer and began their business journey together, knowing it would be a God-lead, faith-based business, said Funk.

“We’re figuring it out every day,” Funk said, “just building with vision and a lot of prayer.”

In 2014, Cottage on Main was born and was ready for business within a week. After rapid growth they realized their space was too small for the amount of furniture and activities they had in store. They moved to a bigger building in July of 2016 which allowed the business to grow even more.

Metcalfe and Funk plan to continue expansion of the business and aspire to start renting out rooms in the store for parties and other classes. They also intend to launch another website allowing people to order products online.