The mens’ club soccer team here at Eastern Kentucky has come and gone over the years, but looks forward to a bright future with new players and the dedicated group they have today. With that said I sat down and talked with the President of the men’s club soccer team, Junior Plinio Tuta, and here is what he had to say:

Eastern Progress: How long have you played Soccer?

Plinio Tuta: Ive been playing since I was really little, like 5 years old.

EP: Do you know How long there has been a team here at EKU?

PT: I think we have had one for a while, but over the last few semesters it has been dying out, so i tried last semester to bring it back and now we are in the growing process again.

EP: What is your favorite thing about being on the team?

PT: I like the way it creates brotherhood among the guys on the field.

EP: What are some advantages of being a club sport instead of a division sport?

PT: The only advantage would be free time

EP: How long is the club soccer season?

PT: Our first game was last month, I do not know the exact dates, but it’s about 3 1/2 to 4 months long

EP: How is the season going so far?

PT: We have had one game against Bellarmine, it was here it was a close game, we ended up losing 2-0. We will play them again later this semester. We had to cancel one game against Tennessee, because a lot of people got sick. Our next game will be the 4th of next month against UK.

EP: What are your duties as President?

PT: Make sure practices are run properly in a way that people can learn and grow on the field, and schedule games. If people have issues talk to them and get them worked out, make sure people keep coming, recruiting, pretty much everything.

EP: Is there anything else you feel we need to know about club soccer?

PT: We have a lot of room to grow and we are willing to take anyone willing to play at the moment, we have about 14 really dedicated guys at the moment and we are looking to expand to 22 and hoping to get funding from the school.