On February 24th, in the Library’s Atrium from 10 to 1, there will be an array of IT Geeks with video cameras hoping to interview people. These interviews will be focused on student’s use of technology on campus, says Heather Smith the student head of the project.

If students want to be interviewed, they can come with their own pre-thought statement about their campus technology use or they can choose from Geek prepared questions to answer.

Smith explained that once all of these interviews are taped, they will be brought together and put into a short five-minute video that will be played for the incoming freshman when they receive their IT, needed technology, e-mails.

Brad Shooper, another member of the IT team working on the project, explained that the idea for this video came from Lisa Moore, the student support manager when she saw a Harvard video doing the same thing.

The goal of the video will be to show incoming freshman just what IT can do for them, explained Shooper. Because students are surrounded by technology from their first day on cam pus it is important to know where to go to if anything goes wrong, said Shooper.

Smith explained that the video would be showing, not telling, students about the IT lists that they get when accepted into Eastern. These lists show what incoming Freshman will need to bring to campus to be technologically prepared, but there is usually so much information that students can get lost, said Smith. She explained that this video hopes to simplify the lists, so students are well prepared.

The IT Geeks hope to get this project finished by March so that the video will be ready to send out to incoming Freshmen next semester said, Smith.

Smith explained that the interviews are completely open, so anyone is welcome to come, and the IT Geeks hope to get as many people as possible.

So, come down to the Library’s Atrium on the 24th and let the Geeks hear your technology stories.

And if you can’t make it to the interviews at the Atrium on the 24th just get into contact with the IT Geeks and they will work with you to get your interview done.