It was an electric night in Brock Auditorium for “Jock N’ Roll,” a talent show designed to showcase the unexpected talents of EKU student-athletes.

Throughout the show, teams ranging from baseball to basketball performed choreographed dances in order to raise money for Hoops For Heroes and send a military veteran to the OVC basketball tournament.

The acts were judged by a panel that included Strength and Conditioning Coach John-Michael Davis, Student Body President Collin Potter and well-known EKU super fan Donna Sowder.

While much of the auditorium was filled by student athletes from other teams, the general public was encouraged to attend and see their fellow classmates in a completely different environment.

The entire lower level of the auditorium was packed with students and staff, and the fans provided tons of energy for every act, cheering and clapping enthusiastically.

The freshman members of the women’s soccer team were first to take the stage, performing a remake of the classic talent show scene from Napoleon Dynamite. The players dressed exactly like the titular nerd—right down to his shirt, jeans and boots—and even wore wigs of frizzy red curls. The crowd was engaged from the beginning of the act to the end, erupting in cheers when the Napoleon look-a-likes finished.

Next, the softball team took the stage with a performance to a popular remix created after an infamous appearance on Dr. Phil. The song, “Catch Me Outside,” is a YouTube sensation and quickly grabbed the audience’s attention. The players made up their own dance to go along with the song.

A rendition of Michael Jackson’s classic hit “Thriller,” was then performed by the volleyball team. The iconic dance from King of Pop is a tough dance to recreate, but the team did it so well they sent the crowd into a frenzy at the end.

In what ended up being a twitter favorite by the end of the night, the men’s golf team performed a more non-traditional act for their section.

The players did an almost flawless mannequin challenge to the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd—standing perfectly still on stage while song played in the background. After a few seconds, the team erupted into dances based on remixes of several popular songs. The audience cheered as the players began performing “The Cat Daddy,” a 2011 dance hit from The Rej3ctz.

The last, and winning, act of the night was a pitch-perfect dance routine by the women’s basketball team. The players performed to a variety of new hip hop song, and easily won the favor of the judges.

In accordance with fan reactions, soccer, golf and women’s basketball were the three favorites to place, and the athletes waited anxiously to hear if their team would be called during the award ceremony that followed.

The soccer team was awarded “Audience Choice,” an award based on twitter votes, in addition to third place. Men’s golf’s cat daddy, while irresistible, fell short of the title and was awarded second place.

Women’s basketball, however, grabbed the attention of the audience and the judges, taking home the champion’s trophy.

All ticket proceeds from Jock N’ Roll were given to Hoops for Heroes.