Eastern’s Student Government association met Tuesday night for its weekly meeting.

Guest speaker David McFaddin, the Executive Director of Government Relations at EKU, spoke with SGA about a proposed bill that would group EKU with Kentucky’s biggest state universities (known as R1 institutions) when determining “performance funding.” McFaddin said that EKU does not support the bill.

McFaddin said the result of this combined classification would be that more money would move from four-year institutions, such as Eastern, to R1 institutions, such the University of Kentucky. The end result could, McFaddin said, create a financial crisis for EKU.

McFaddin urged the SGA members to remember that they had a voice and that they were the legislative arm of EKU, which meant that they could play an important role in whether the bill became law.

“We must measure twice and cut once,” McFaddin said. The end of his speech was met by applause.

nnSebastian Torres, the Executive Vice President of the SGA, said SGA would offering free transportation to a rally at the capitol in Frankfort on Feb. 13. The buses will leave campus at 9 a.m. that morning, and students will be given university passes for missing class.

nnSGA officials voted on new committee chairs. Madison Lipscomb, a senator-at-large, argued her case to be the Academic Affairs chair as well. She said she believed that, because she is a freshman, she would bring a different perspective to the table. The committee voted, and she was sworn in.

nnJohn Gullett was then nominated for the Colonel Path and Capitol Building chair. Though Gullet acknowledged he was not sure what the job really entailed, he assured his colleagues that he would learn and would be able to commit the time and effort needed to get the job done.

nnA slew of ideas and titles were given during committee reports. One such idea was from Ted Herr, the information technology chair, who said he believed a proactive campaign educating students about email phishing was needed. Herr said his idea came from the large number of students who had clicked phishing messages and ended up with comprised email accounts.

Victoria Tillman, the Student Right’s chair, said that a campus email had been sent out talking about a survey for campus safety and urged everyone to take a look at it and plan to take the survey on Feb 15.

nnReanne Melhorn, the SGA Clerk, raised her wish for SGA and other students to support House Bill 127. Vice President Torres explained that this bill is meant to protect free speech on college campuses. The free speech laws would not be limited to a particular area; instead, they would apply all across campus, with the limited exception of classrooms and the library. Of course, Torres explained, there would be no protection for hate speech.