EKU track and field and cross-country runner, Charlotte Imer, was named OVC Co-Track Athlete of the Week last week for the second time this spring season. This All-American received this title after running her personal-best time of 9:32.37 in the 3,000-meter race in her meet in Indiana. This past fall, Imer, along with being named an All-American, was named OVC Female Runner of the Year, NCAA All-Southeast Region, and finished 31st overall in the NCAA Cross Country Championship. Imer set aside some time to answer some questions for The Eastern Progress about her successes so far this school season and what is ahead.

EP: “Where are you from?”

Charlotte: “I’m from Melborne, Australia. It’s a larger city located on the southeastern coast. I actually live in a bay area like a beach. It’s a really nice, well-developed city, and I definitely miss it.”

EP: “What is one question you oftentimes get asked being from Australia?”

Charlotte: “People think that kangaroos are everywhere, like people ride them to school…It’s kind of like going out for a run here at school and seeing a deer. The chances are pretty slim, but if you drove like 30 minutes down the road, you’d probably see more deer. That’s pretty much the same as kangaroos.”

EP: “What your life like growing up?”

Charlotte: “My parents and family really liked doing outdoorsy activities. We would always go camping and hiking…I also grew up surrounded by sports. I remember going outside and just hitting a cricket ball on the road or just playing in the neighborhood.”

EP: “When did you begin running?”

Charlotte: “The first cross-country race I ever ran I was nine years old. It was at my primary school, and I came in second. That’s when I realized that maybe I’m actually kind of good at longer distance. Cross-country is definitely what kick-started my love for running because I just feel in my element and can run free and just get lost in my thoughts when I’m racing.”

EP: “What made you decide to come to EKU?”

Charlotte: “EKU reached out to me, and I had never actually heard of EKU before. I didn’t know where Kentucky was on the map of America…I had two other friends who had been in America for college, one on a running scholarship in Texas. They had both been at college for one year, and when I told them I gotten contacted, they told me, ‘You know what, Char, you should just give it a go. Try it for a year. What have you got to lose?’ So I came over, and I have not looked back since.”

EP: What are some goals you have for these upcoming indoor and outdoor seasons?

Charlotte: “I’ve got a big race coming up in two weeks in Iowa, and my goal there will be to get close to 16 minutes for the 5K. I’m going to have to take 16 to 20 seconds off my time now, which is a big jump, but I think, based on the training I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks, that it’s within my reach…If I do that, then I will hopefully qualify for Nationals.”

EP: “What about for the next years here at EKU?”

Charlotte: “For outdoor, last year I made it to regionals in the east region of the country. This year, I would like to make it to regionals again and then progress to nationals. Last year I ran a time that I was really unhappy with, but it was a learning experience for my first time there…For cross-country, I would also like to make it to regionals and hopefully finish top ten in the country because I finished 31st last cross-country season.”

EP: “Who is someone you look up to most in life?”

Charlotte: “I definitely look up to my dad. He’s been an influential figure in my life. He’s not a runner himself, but just the hard work and dedication is something that I’ve always looked up to and aspired to. He’s just a workhorse.”

EP: “What is your major and what do you plan to do with that?”

Charlotte: “My major is political science. I chose it because I did law school for a year at my university in Australia. It’s definitely made me pay attention to what is going on the world, and I think that’s important…I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to do with that.”

EP: What is something interesting about yourself that most people do not know?

Charlotte: “I really like cross-country skiing and down-hill skiing. I’m more one of those people that aspires to have a condo in Colorado when I’m older. I’d rather live in the snow than on the beach.”

Imer will compete at Iowa State University in two weeks for her next track competition.