In a time of world conflict, two students have banded together to debate the biggest question this decade: Dean, Logan or Jess?

“Jess and Rory were perfect for each other.” “Does anyone like Dean?” “I like Marty.”

Roommates and Gilmore Girls addicts Meg Carter and Brigid Wilson created EKU’s newest registered student organization, The Gilmore Gang, to dispute hard-hitting questions like this and more.

“We wanted to create a group last semester for all four seasons of [Gilmore Girls:] A Year in the Life, but it’s hard to get things registered, so we did this instead,” Brigid Wilson said.

Every Tuesday night, The Gilmore Gang meets in the library to eat their favorite pop-tarts, plan their own 24-hour dance marathon and watch their favorite episodes of the season-season cult classic.

Known for its quick wit—and even quicker dialogue—Gilmore Girls started in 2000 as a WB dramedy focused on a single mother who left a high-class lifestyle in Hartford, Conn. for the small, quirky town of Stars Hollow.

The show’s focus on mother-daughter relationships is often a huge selling point to its audience, including many of The Gilmore Gang’s members.

“I used to sit down and watch reruns with my mom on ABC Family,” The Gilmore Gang member Mahala Watts said.

While mother/daughter relationships are often the selling point for much of the Gilmore Girls audience, many of The Gilmore Gang found connection through the popular, fast-paced dialogue and unconventional references.

“My mother didn’t like the show—she said [the dialogue] went too fast,” Wilson said, “but I watched with my dad.”

Self-proclaimed movie bffs, Carter and Wilson said they enjoyed the various references snuck in by the show’s creator Amy Sherman-Palladino.

The two have plans to recreate infamous scenes from the show’s original run, including Friday night dinners, town meetings and seasonal festivals.

“We were thinking about recreating some of the town’s events like the Festival of the Living Art and the Winter Carnival,” Carter said.

While the two have several plans for the semester, they said they would love for any Gilmore Girls fans to recommend any events they would like to see.

The organization is only in the beginning stages, and is welcoming new membersevery week.

For more information, contact Brigid Wilson at, or come to Library 204G any Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.