Bluegrass Barrel House (BBH), home of “Bourbon-Rita’s,” will be celebrating its one-year anniversary on Saturday, February 4, with dollar shots, dollar beers, and entertainment from “local legends” James Powell and Tim Hellard.

BBH is a bar owned by Raela Phoenix and Amy Forish, and they pride themselves on being a “working class bar,” they welcome anyone and everyone (of age) to come in and have a good time.

“Its not specifically for bikers, college students, or an older crowd. Its for all walks of life.” Phoenix said.

Melissa Lindsey and her husband are considered regulars at the bar.

“We come in about 5 times a week.” Lindsey said. “Its our favorite bar. Everyone feels comfortable and everyone is welcome.”

Phoenix and Forish came up with the name of the bar by combining a few of their favorite things; Kentucky, bourbon, and family. Settling on, Bluegrass Barrel House.

“We are all pretty big bourbon drinkers.” Phoenix said. “One day I just came up with the idea of mixing bourbon and margaritas and decided to make “Bourbon-Rita’s” into our signature drink. They are pretty delicious.”

The bar was previously known as the Hog Trough, a certified “biker bar.” Phoenix and Forish bought it a year ago and gave it a “facelift,” turning it into what it is today.

They are open from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. every day except for Sundays, and there is never a cover to get in. It is also a package liquor store that sells beer to go.

“People can come in and get a 30 pack of beer on Saturdays to prepare for Sundays when they cant get any.” Phoenix said.

They also frequently hold live entertainment, paid for by the owners so that customers are not charged to get in. There is a garage door in the back of the bar that opens up to a large outside area that holds a stage for bands to play, picnic tables and a space for corn hole.

BBH is the first bar in Richmond to be home to beer towers. 101 ounces of beer is held in a tower, and can be purchased for $15. Phoenix and Forish decided that they should also add in a tube of ice in the middle of the tower, to keep the beverage colder for a longer amount of time.

They are currently in the process of changing up the daily specials the bar has to offer, however, there are a few that will remain.

Happy hour is everyday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., with 50 cents off of all drinks. On Tuesdays, customers can get $2 off of beer towers and Thursdays are “bike nights,” where people can come and show off their motorcycles.  On Fridays or “Fireball Fridays,” customers can get shots of Fireball for $2.50.

BBH has deals with Nuevo Vallarta, Apollos, Gillums and Pizza Hut, where customers can get food delivered to the bar. There is also a popcorn machine available next to the bar, for customers who are craving a snack with their beers.

“Everyone that comes in is like family,” Phoenix said. “We have a good freaking time.”

BBH’s beer towers are the first at any bar in Richmond.