To this generation’s marching Feminists: you do not speak for me.

First and foremost, I am a twenty-something year old FEMALE Republican who is giddy over the results of the election. I could possibly mark the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump as one of the greatest days I have lived to see. Maybe that is because I am old enough to thoroughly understand what is happening in our country. Maybe that is because I was able to participate (and exercise my right as a citizen of the U.S.) for the first time in the voting booth. Either way, I am so proud to have casted my vote in this election and to watch the Republican nominee become the 45th President of the United States. I cannot wait to see what President Trump does for this country, but for the time being, I am distracted by the “feminists” of this country who are leaving a very bad taste in my mouth.

After the Inauguration of Donald Trump, who was fairly elected by millions of hardworking male and female Americans, the left wing of this country decided it wasn’t enough to slap terrible, emotion-driven labels on the Republicans of the world and scold us for our beliefs. No, now they really needed to come to action. Once they were done crying (and I do mean that literally), they decided to organize a Women’s March in Washington D.C. Awesome. I’m an independent woman. I completely agree with the statement “if you don’t like something then change it.” I am known for being strong-willed and driven when I truly believe in something. But this march was a disgrace to women like me. Women who love the world we live in. Women who believe they can accomplish anything if they put their mind to it, not whine or blame the men of this country because it is not falling straight into their lap. Women who love cooking. Women who love being a caretaker. Women who want families. Women who want to marry the man of their dreams one day. Women who are embarrassed by the actions of liberals who mock our womanhood. Those same liberals who come to protests wearing costumes of vaginas on their heads with their breasts out for the world to see. Who angrily shove signs in the air and scream to the top of their lungs calling women like me bigots, racists or un-American. Since when did being a patriot who loves this nation under God become un-American?

While I understand some women’s reasons for marching were pro-choice or LGBT related, I am speaking of the sheep who simply follow the herd of angry anti-Trump protestors. Personally, I support pro-choice as opposed to pro-life. I believe in the right to chose whether or not you should have an abortion, but I also believe that you have a responsibility to hold yourself accountable when you get pregnant. I also support the LGBT community. To each their own. It doesn’t bother me what gender you identify with or whether or not a woman decides to marry another woman. It is 2017 for crying out loud—gay marriage is LEGAL across the United States—what could you possibly be protesting about? Why are these protestors acting as if the President of the United States has taken any rights away from the women of this world? Why are they speaking with such hatred and venom in their voices? Why is Madonna talking about wanting to blow up the white house? (Yes, this actually came out of her mouth.) Why are they acting as if women do not have equal rights to men?

To this generation’s marching feminists: you do not speak for me and you do not speak for the women who voted Trump into office. I pray that you don’t get the “change” you are screaming for. I pray that you stop disrespecting the President of the United States. And I pray that you stop disrespecting the land of the free and home of the brave that you, too, call your home.

A woman like me