The pedway over Lancaster Avenue was reopened for pedestrian use last Tuesday. It had previously been closed since September after collapsing when a raised truck bed smashed into it.
“Nothing in between [the stairwells] was salvageable,” said Paul Gannoe, EKU Director of Capital Construction and Project Administration. “We tried to keep some of the steel structure, but it proved more expensive than just rebuilding it.”
Additionally, Electrical repairs needed to be made to the elevator as well as the fire alarm. Gannoe said that everything is being covered by the university’s insurance carrier, which has currently covered $188,611 in repairs on the pedway. The insurance also will pay for an additional EKU logo on the pedway, where there previously only had been one. The two logos will be placed on opposite sides of the bridge, Gannoe said.
If Eastern opts to make other changes to the pedway, those would have to be paid for by the school.
“We might do something to make it more climate-friendly,” Gannoe said, adding that the university is considering adding windows with ventilation to keep the temperature down during the summer.
The pedway will be finished once the roof has been repaired, which Gannoe projects will happen in the next 60 days.