Have you ever watched a show that made you question the choices you’ve made in your life? If you haven’t, Black Mirror will make you feel that way. It’s a Netflix original series and was first released in 2014 and currently has three seasons. Each episode focuses on various people’s lives in near-future, semi-dystopian societies and how technology affects those people and the world around them.
When I first started watching Black Mirror, I thought it was just about how the usage of technology corrupts people and is changing the world for the worst. However, as I continued watching the show, I noticed the social commentary. Each episode explains how technology affects the person the story is about, but it also opens a discussion about how society acts towards certain people.
For example, one of the episodes focuses on a woman living in a world where ratings matter. She has an app that is similar to the social media sites we have today, and she gives a rating of one to five stars to each person she encounters and vice versa. The higher your rating is, the more you’re able to purchase things – i.e. she is trying to purchase a house and must have a 4.5 out of 5 rating.

One misstep, though, can cause your rating to suffer and you can lose everything. Without spoiling too much, this episode is a clear example of the society we are heading into now. Many of us care about how people perceive us to the point where we end up pretending to be someone we’re not just to flourish in attention.

As previously mentioned, each episode showcases a new character and how their decisions affect the world around them. Each episode can be applied to our reality. The characters make us wonder if we would do the same thing he or she did if we were placed in the same situation.
Regardless of the fact we don’t have the technology the show provides, the characters are still human with similar emotions and thought processes as the viewers. Watching one episode will truly make you wonder if our society is heading towards the same ones shown on the screen. It’ll also make you rethink how you use technology from what you share to who you interact with.

You will more than likely cycle through your emotions while watching each episode and may end up caring about the characters you see on the screen until you find out why they are in that situation. I highly suggest you give Black Mirror a chance.

As the show’s slogan says “the future is bright” and you wouldn’t want to miss out on being a part of that.