The Student Government Association (SGA) met Tuesday, Nov. 29 in Underground Powell for their regularly scheduled senate meeting. SGA Executive Vice President Sebastian Torres said the main issues discussed were parking and Orgsync.

According to OrgSync’s website, it is a “web-hosted platform that creates an online community for college campuses.” The website further explains that the platform strives to help keep college departments and organizations connected to their members.

Torres said the topic of OrgSync was brought up because some of the senators believe it has not been effective with its goals of helping student organizations communicate. Another issue discussed in the meeting was the fact that SGA contributes $5,000 a year to purchase OrgSync, and some believed that money could be better spent on RSOs, Torres said.

Torres said he did see shortcomings in OrgSync, but he is open to discussions on how to refine the use of the platform to make it serve students better. In order to do this, Torres said he would like to see OrgSync “emphasized for all students,” which means it would have to be “more user-friendly, as well as updated with current information.”

To make OrgSync better for everyone, SGA’s senators put forth a bill with proposed changes to the platform, Torres said. These include changes to the systems used for communications to make it simpler and easier to use, refining how student organizations use OrgSync to better utilize what the platform has to offer, SGA only partially funding the purchase of OrgSync and the complete removal of funding for Orgsync all together, Torres said.

During the SGA meeting, the bill of changes was tabled. Torres said the bill was tabled so the senators could research further into OrgSync and its uses. Following this research, the OrgSync bill will be discussed at the following senate meeting in January, Torres said. It will be then that any decisions and changes will be made.