Well, that was a shocker, right?

Every poll leading up to last Tuesday had Clinton up 5 or 6 points and was almost a lock for the White House. Some radically left pundits thought Trump might not win a state, or at least very few. The big, dumb, white rednecks living in their trailer parks in the deep South couldn’t possibly outnumber the progressive intellects in this country and all the minorities that of course can only vote Democrat, right?

Wait, Trump won a third of the Hispanic vote, won the Evangelical vote, won the white working class vote and the white female vote? Maybe liberals didn’t quite understand half the country after all.

My grandmother is one of the most decent people I know. She hasn’t missed a day in church in forever and has never had a sip of alcohol. So, how could a woman like this vote for a man who says the things he’s said about women? A man some consider sexist?

Does it have something to do with the candidate the liberals nominated? Probably. It turns out, the first woman president doesn’t matter as much to people as the right president. Maybe liberals have taken the country so far in the progressive direction and forgotten about the other half of the country who just want their paychecks to look better.

Turns out, when you say things like “you’re white, your problems don’t matter, the world is catered to you” or “check your privilege at the door” doesn’t change the fact that a factory worker in Ohio or Pennsylvania has not had great economic prospects over the last 10 years, and you are offering them no solution.

I guess to middle America and suburban America, all problems matter, including white peoples’ problems. It’s not racist to say that, which has been a myth pushed by the left.

While liberals have been pushing faux outrage and politically correct culture, Americans have been suffering from actual problems like the economy and stagnant wages. They are tired of the same old message Washington has been pushing for 15 years, which is that they will change things, and yet the people’s lives don’t change. They’re tired of the progressive agenda that puts what pronouns we call people as an equal issue with the economy or foreign policy. All in all, Trump won for many reasons

Whether you’re liberal or conservative, you can’t deny just how incredible it is that he was able to do this. He won because of a candidate that represented everything everyone hated about politics. A politically correct culture, lack of economic growth and the sense of being forgotten in this hyper-progressive world made the rust belt and rural suburbia vote Trump.

It was essentially a middle finger to the left for their message of “half the country is deplorable.” I think you guys should check your message at the door.