Many college students feel homesick while away at school. Jackson’s restaurant gives students a home cooked meal and a taste of home to help them make it through the semester.

Mary Beam, sophomore homeland security major, said it’s nice to have a restaurant so close to campus that cooks home-style meals.

“Since I am from Ohio and do not have a car, I don’t get to go home as much as I would like, so Jackson’s gives me a little slice of home every time I eat there,” Beam said. “I know whenever I’m missing home and I’m hungry, Jackson’s is the place to go.”

Jackson’s used to be Opal’s Restaurant, but in 2012 the ownership and name changed.

Sean Jackson worked at Outback Steakhouse for about 12 years before deciding he wanted to open up his own local restaurant. Jackson said he was lucky that Opal’s was looking to sell at the same time. His plan was to find somewhere downtown, but close to campus.

When Jackson’s first opened a lot of things were kept the same as Opal’s, but as the years went on things started to change. Management realized they needed to appeal to EKU students more. They decided to add to the menu and stay open later.

Jackson’s serves all day breakfast which attracts a lot of students. Late Saturday mornings are always busy for Jackson’s because a lot of EKU students come in to have a late breakfast.

“The amount of EKU students in Jackson’s usually depends on the day but on Saturday mornings about 75 percent of people are EKU students,” said Shannon Nipper, Jackson’s manager. Jackson’s has about 20 employees and about half of them are EKU students.

Jackson’s has been voted #1 Best Homecooking in the “Best of the Best 2016,” according to the Richmond Register. Sean Jackson also won “Best Manager” this past year.

At lunchtime, a country-style buffet is offered but the menu still allows customers to order just about anything. The meatloaf and pork chops are a favorite, so they are on the buffet every day. The food is completely homemade at Jackson’s with a twist to basic foods: a spice to the green beans or extras to the meats.

Jackson’s offers students many options, but the mashed potatoes, homemade corn bread, country ham and mac and cheese are students’ favorite.

“A lot of students like the mac and cheese since the cheese is made from scratch,” Nipper said.

Jackson’s also offers carry out and catering services. They cater to EKU and a 10 percent discount is available to all EKU students with a student ID.

Jackson’s offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday, until 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday. The restaurant is located at 203 S. Third Street.