eku-headshots As a student, I’m not afraid to do work inside or outside of school. I don’t mind going to class and working on the assignments due for that day. I even like listening to lectures (usually). Essentially, what I’m trying to say is that I like class. Physical class. There’s a reason I don’t take online classes aside from the insane price. I’m not good at taking online classes. I like to procrastinate, then I just forget entirely what I’m doing. So I don’t take them. However, professors sometimes turn their classes into online classes. They cancel class each week, just assigning the work on Blackboard. Some students probably enjoy this, but I think it’s bullshit. For a once a week class, students can only miss one time without a doctor’s note. That’s pretty common knowledge. However, professors can cancel class whenever they want without any explanation. To a degree, I understand this. These people have finished college and have a good sense of what they’re doing. They’re professionals. They can do what they want and don’t need to answer to us. They’ve done their time and were hired under a strict review process. On the other hand, they’re being paid to do a job. People can look good on paper, but be horrible in real life. They’re being paid to teach us what we need to know, so I don’t believe it’s ridiculous to have class on a regular basis. My tuition goes towards their salary, so the least they can do is hold up their own attendance policy. If students should be held to an attendance standard, so should professors. I want to learn. I don’t want to read a packet online and send something in because my professor didn’t want to come to class for the third week in a row. Especially not when they call you out for missing one class out of the entire semester. Professors need to have class, especially when it’s once a week. It’s only one day. Students don’t pay a ridiculous amount to go to school here to get a subpar education from a subpar professor. If we don’t think the professor cares about our class, why should we? Passion drives students. Not apathy. In order for higher education to work to its best ability to prepare its students for their future, professors need to do what they’re paid to do: teach. Not cancel class. Not assign packets full of busy work, like we’re third graders. They especially don’t need to remain silent for an entire class period, only to speak when they give directions. Students are here to learn. Professors should be here to teach.