This election cycle has been one of the craziest, over the top, WTF moments in American history. As I write this, voting is underway, so I do not know who will win the election. I am writing this as a concerned conservative worried about his party.

Donald Trump, a celebrity reality star singlehandedly defeated every Republican that was speculated to run this election cycle and there is almost no coming back for any of them.

Trump managed to bring hot button issues like immigration and political corruption to the surface after they had been boiling over for many years. Most of these issues are things both sides agree need reform, but rarely do anything about it.

Republicans have big questions to ask themselves as they look toward 2020.

Many think-pieces have been written about how Trump took over the Republican party, so I won’t rehash any of that other than to say people were sick of politicians and, more importantly, Republicans were sick of those politicians.

Registered Republicans have watched politicians do nothing except block things Obama tries to put forth, but rarely bring their own solutions to the table. Of course they will rattle off the long list of things they did as governor or congressman when they are trying to get elected, but most peoples’ lives are no different than they were in 2010.

Stagnant growth in our economy and a broken immigration system have caused people to look at their politicians and wonder if they will ever fix it.

It was almost like a vacuum was created in the party and Trump filled it. Whether it will cost us the election, I guess you’ll know by the time you read this.

It has struggled the last few years trying to bridge the gap between the older sect of the party and the younger generation. People hyped up candidates like Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz as the saviors and people who could bridge that gap. Unfortunately, those people were exposed this election by Trump and now anytime someone looks at those guys, they think back to the “same ole politicians” attack ads from the Trump campaign.

From an election standpoint, it is a powerful argument and something that is tough to come back from in the public’s perception. As they look toward 2020, it can’t be those guys. It can’t be Trump again, it can’t be Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, another Bush or whoever. Reince Priebus and the rest of the party’s elites have to find a way to win their base back and there is nobody on the horizon that seems to be doing that anytime soon.

The best way to win your voters back is to get things done, and that is what they need to be focused on.

All of this is to say: THANK GOD IT’S OVER.

This election has been going on for over TWO years now. Trump announced he was running all the way back in 2014 and it has been nonstop since then. It wasn’t all terrible though, we got some entertaining debates, saw Trump break all political correctness rules, and watch a party support someone but not endorse them or vice versa.

Saturday Night Live entertained us with perfect impersonations of Clinton and Trump (Larry David as Sanders may be my favorite) and a Family Feud political edition skit that was an instant classic.

And at the end of the day, neither side liked either candidate, which made it fun to watch people talk themselves into who they would vote for. So sit back, take a deep breath, maybe make a drink;and lets all just appreciate this ridiculous election is finally over.