October 23

A male resident was taken to the hospital for treatment after a resident assistant found him sitting on the floor incoherent but breathing. His friend, a female resident was arrested after refusing treatment and failing a field sobriety test. The RA found the female resident in the men’s bathroom floor incoherent but breathing. She was arrested for being under the influence of alcohol and being a danger to herself and others.

A resident reported his $60 computer monitor was stolen from his dorm room. He said his roommate stole it, but the roommate denied the accusation. The roommate said he had a habit of leaving the door to their room unlocked and someone may have entered the room and taken the monitor.

October 25

Around 5:20 p.m. a resident reported someone was able to gain access to her vehicle and steal several items.

October 26

A student reported money was stolen from the wallet she left on a picnic table outside of New Science Building. She left the wallet on the table to go inside and have her computer fixed. The wallet was missing when she returned, but she later found it at the lost and found.