October 18

Around 7 p.m. a resident reported his bike was missing and found his lock was cut and on the ground.

Around 1:30 p.m. a resident reported someone stole her bike from the bike rack in front of Wallace.

October 19

A student reported her wallet was on the passenger seat of her car before she drove a friend back to campus. After dropping her friend off in front of his dorm, she noticed her wallet was missing. The student found several of her credit cards lying near a trashcan in front of Dupree Hall.

A staff member reported she saw someone take books and movies off shelves and removed the security devices. The unknown person left the movie cases and book security strips in the men’s room on the first and fourth floors leading the doors to look damaged when opened.

A Telford resident reported seeing someone back into her parked car and speed off. The resident said she just completed unloading the vehicle when she saw an older model maroon car backing in the parking spot directly in front of her vehicle. She said she heard laughing while the maroon car reversed and hit her vehicle.