Lance Cornett, EKU alum and owner of The Mixx, the latest addition to Downtown Richmond’s nightlife, graduated with a degree in business administration, which sparked his interest in opening his own restaurant or bar.

But when Cornett graduated, his focus was on working in the coal industry because that was his father’s occupation. His fulltime job is in coal mine supply sales. Cornett said he decided to look into other sources of revenue because of the decline in the coal industry. Cornett said he had a background in food service and his mom and grandpa had owned bars.

This led to the creation of The Mixx, the bar which is located where Jerzees used to be. Cornett said when the previous bar shut down he saw an opportunity to open his own. He said he decided to open a bar because it’s less expensive than opening a restaurant, but opening a bar did not go without a slight bump in the road.

The Mixx’s name was supposed to be “Remixx” and when Cornett opened the business he did so under “Remixx, LLC.” The original slogan of the bar was “not your typical mix.” However, because of the fact the name “Remixx” was already taken, Cornett had to change the name. Now the bar is just called “The Mixx.”

Cornett said he also has other reasons for opening a bar in Richmond.

One of the reasons is his fulltime job requires him to travel all over Kentucky. Having a bar in Richmond worked well for him because he has to pass through this city for his work. Due to Cornett’s work schedule, the bar is only open Thursdays through Saturdays from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. He said he plans to open the bar on Tuesday nights when his manager-in-training returns.

“I’m very fortunate to travel,” Cornett said. “I’m kind of partial to Richmond.”

Originally, Cornett is from Whitesburg, located between Pikeville and Hazard. Despite not being from Richmond, Cornett attended school in this town, which influenced his decision.

Additionally, Cornett said he has a sister who is handicapped and lives in Lexington. Cornett said he wanted to be closer to her, so he is able to help her whenever she needs it, especially since his mother passed away last month.

As for the atmosphere of The Mixx, Cornett said he wants the bar to have a more modern theme. Something that can be compared to bars in Las Vegas or even Louisville. He said he wants to provide a bar with this atmosphere because there’s nothing like it in eastern Kentucky.

“It’s to keep up with appearance,” Cornett said. “I want it to be a classier place than what was previously there.”