October 6

A resident was driving on Lancaster Avenue with no headlights. When the student was stopped, she admitted to having a metal grinder with residue, a blunt in a Swisher Sweet wrapper and a baggie of marijuana buds.

October 8

A student was arrested for intoxication. When asked if he knew the alphabet he said “yes” and was asked to recite the alphabet from the letters D to Q.  The student started with the letter A to E and then said the number one. He was arrested and taken to the Madison County Detention Center.

Two residents were seated and passed out in a running vehicle due to intoxication. The vehicle had vomit on the outside of the vehicle and on the ground next to the vehicle. The passenger was arrested and it was discovered she was carrying a small baggie of marijuana. Other paraphernalia was discovered in the center console after the driver admitted to the baggie of marijuana actually belonging to him.

A student was walking through the Alumni Coliseum lot with an alcoholic beverage. Not only was the student underage, but he also had an active bench warrant from Marion County because he failed to pay fines. The student was arrested.

A student fled from the police in a vehicle. He drove through the crowd to avoid an officer on a bicycle. His vehicle was later found at the Whitlock building on the side closest to Todd Hall. When the student was caught, he admitted to fleeing the office. He also had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and was unsteady on his feet.  He was taken to the Madison County Detention Center.

October 11

A student reported his bicycle was stolen from the service drive area located behind the Rowlett building. He said the bike was a gift from a friend and estimated the bike to be about $250. He added the bike was secured to a light pole with a bicycle combination cable lock.

A student reported her bike was stolen from the old smoke shack outside of the Wallace building. She said she was positive the bike was locked to the shack.

October 14

A student and friend were found arguing on the sidewalk across from Lancaster Avenue. In addition to the argument, the student had an active warrant from Madison County for failure to appear. The student was placed under arrest and admitted he had a needle in his front right hoodie pocket. He said the needle was new, but it was discovered the needle had a lot of wear on the outside and residue on the inside.