While politics seem like something that shouldn’t be too entertaining, there’s been no greater reality show than the 2016 presidential election. The American public has been exposed to a level of stupidity and cattiness that can only be comparable to a Real Housewives spinoff. Watching the train wreck that is the Trump campaign is definitely amusing and there’s no shame in enjoying it, but when do we stop tolerating his nonsense?

Both candidates have undesirable personality traits and I’m not particularly fond of either, but the amount of immaturity displayed by Donald Trump proves one thing: He’s not fit to be president. Donald Trump doesn’t have a modicum of political experience or any real policy plans, which voters should be scared of, but somehow aren’t.

Even if voters ignore his lack of experience and unabashed racism, it’s hard to ignore his thin-skinned antics. He didn’t like the way Megyn Kelly was asking questions during a Republican debate so he called her an “off-base journalist” with “blood coming out of her wherever.” He mocked former governor and war hero John McCain for being captured during combat. Comedian Bill Maher made a joke about his appearance resembling one of an orangutan, so Trump filed a defamation suit.

More recently, the infamous tapes of Trump speaking with former Today host Billy Bush about women set the media into frenzy. In addition to coming on to married women, Trump also said, “You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy.” Even if you choose to ignore the fact that groping someone is sexual assault, you have to ask yourself if that’s the way you want your presidential candidate to speak. No one deserves to be treated like an object, and seeing a potential president encourage that is disheartening to say the least.

That being said, Hillary Clinton is by no means a perfect candidate. I find her sketchy and disingenuous and I don’t agree with everything she says or does. But she acts like an adult. Clinton has yet to mock someone’s physical disability or another woman’s appearance, both things Trump has done. Trump has quarreled with so many people The New York Times compiled a comprehensive list of everyone  he’s gone after. The list, as of writing, is 279 bullet points.

This list includes 279 individuals, TV shows, corporations, and even countries Donald Trump has attacked, most of them with little to no provocation. Voters have to ask themselves if his immature behavior suitable for the highest office in the land. I personally don’t think so .

It makes me nervous to think every time Trump gets his feelings hurt, he’ll lash out in his typical fashion, this time with those nuclear codes that keep being brought up.

If he really wanted to “Make America Great Again,” he’d focus more on developing an actual plan for the United States, as opposed to picking fights with minor celebrities and news anchors.