This season, the EKU soccer team has taken the OVC by storm under first year Head Coach Nick Flohre.

The Colonels currently sit at 8-2, and have won all eight consecutively.

A big part of this teams success, however, has been the outstanding play of junior goalkeeper Anna Hall from Ross, Ohio.

Hall has seven shutouts on the season thus far, and has been one of EKU’s most dominant athletes. Recently, The Progress sat down with Anna to discuss the season and her time at EKU.

Question: First question, as always, why EKU?

Hall: Well I liked Melissa Barnes who was coach here and she recruited me. I also really liked the campus and the town because I’m from a small town and the fact it’s two hours away from my home made me want to come here.

Question: Now you were injured last year right?anna-hall

Hall: Yeah, I broke my ankle during the summer, around July, and missed the preseason, but was able to come back for conference play.

Question: Okay, so now you come into this season and have been really kicking ass. What changed during the offseason?

Hall: The coaches have a major part in everything, all the way down to the small details. They are just locked in on everything. I have to thank Josh, who’s our assistant coach, with the goalkeeper training. I’m really proud of our whole team for just buying in and trusting what coach wanted to do.

Question: So have you always played goalie?

Hall: No—I was a forward in high school, but my sister played goalkeeper and we would train together, so that was a big reason for the switch.

Question: Forward to goalie is a big switch, was that difficult?

Hall: Yeah, because I really liked playing forward, but I’ve grown to love [playing keeper] and it is a great feeling when you get a save—so I’m not mad at all.

Question: So you keep dominating, are you ever going to give up a goal?

Hall: Well my theory is that it will be on a really dumb goal and everyone is going to think I suck (laughs).

Question: Not to get too far ahead, but you all have a great shot at making the OVC tournament this year it seems?

Hall: Yea you know its weird to win…

Me: Especially after having a couple down seasons—

Hall: Exactly and now that things are going well, we start looking around and are just going for it. In the past we’ve gotten complacent because we were losing. Now that we’re winning, we just want it even more and we don’t want to stop.

The Colonels kick off a four game road trip at Austin Peay Thursday, October 6th at 8:00 p.m.