The leaves are changing from bright green to orange and red. They’re beginning to fall and cover the ground so people can find the crunchiest one to step on. The weather is cooler, sleeves are getting longer and drinks are getting warmer. Fall is officially here.

I hate it.

I’m not one of those people obsessed with the warm tones of fall or the smell of pumpkin spice latte. Before you ask, yes I was hugged enough as a child and lived in a wonderful home. My reasons for hating fall aren’t caused by anything that’s happened to me. One morning I woke up and decided, “I’m going to hate this particular season.”

I’m not a fan of pumpkin flavored anything—including pie—and the smell of cinnamon makes me nauseous. I also hate smelling like smoke, so bonfires aren’t fun. I hate turkey, and the stuffing/gravy created with the help of turkey. I generally hate being outside, so hayrides and pumpkin patches are out of the question. The thought of someone purposely trying to scare me at a haunted house makes me so angry I want to swear. Horror movies aren’t entertaining and the color orange looks atrocious with my complexion.

Aside from my list, I hate fall because I always feel sick whenever the weather changes. I don’t like the inconsistent weatherpatterns where it’s hot one day and cold the next. Also, it seems as though everyone suffers from seasonal depression. As soon as the weather drops even a little bit below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, people start posting pictures of the beach and anything summer related on social media, usually talking about how much they miss the sunshine.

The only true positive aspects of fall are how I can wear the comfortable oversized sweaters I “borrow” from my fiancé and my cute long-sleeve shirts. Bugs disappear back into Hades where they belong. Fall also means daylight savings time and we trick ourselves into justifying another episode of our favorite shows because we get an extra hour of sleep.

In reality, I guess fall isn’t too terrible. Everyone else seems to have fun when the weather changes. But for me, I opt to stay inside, drink my hot chocolate and wait for the next season to come so I can complain about it too.