Does anyone else agree that the atmosphere on Eastern’s campus has gotten worse this school year? I’d definitely agree with you if you say yes, because there is so much construction going on that it takes away from the beauty of the campus. It also adds too much noise early in the mornings and while you’re trying to listen in class. There is so much construction on campus the students and staff are forced to suffer the consequences with limited parking, jam-packed dorm rooms and an overall campus drag.

First off, finding a parking spot on campus has been absolutely awful this semester. There have been many commuter students that have had to park across the bypass near Penn Station and walk over to campus. It is not fair because they paid for a parking pass and are not even able to park on campus. Not only are commuter students limited in actual spots, but residential students have also suffered. Many residential and commuter parking lots have been cut in half to provide construction space or parking for construction workers, leaving students parking in lots far from their dorm, or even off campus. It is understandable that construction needs space, but there is too much construction going on, which takes too many parking lots. This would be okay if they added more parking spots to make up for the difference.

Secondly, many students are suffering in extremely crammed community-style dorm rooms due to the lack of dorm space on campus. There are rooms in Palmer, as well as some in Dupree and other dorms, that have three students all in one little room, making it nearly impossible to fit everything in the room. Again, it is unfair to students to have to pay the same amount as a two-person room for a crammed three-person dorm room, just because there were too many dorms torn down all at once before there were other dorms built to replace the space lost.

Lastly, not only does all of the construction limit parking and living space, it creates an overall ill-feeling to campus. Every morning there is the loud noise of bulldozers, cranes, and moving debris, which no one wants to hear at 7 or 8 in the morning when they’re trying to sleep. It also has hurt the overall physical image of EKU’s campus. The campus used to be very pretty, but now there are construction gates, debris, and trucks all around campus. This blocks off roads, sidewalks, and parking lots. It has made people not enjoy staying on campus as much, and may even be pushing potential incoming freshmen away when they are on their visits. On the other hand, some may say that the mass amount of construction happening on campus is a good thing because it is improving campus. The construction is allowing for a new dining hall, allowing for Powell to be turned to solely a student center, and for improved dorms. But there is a limit to this construction, and they could have done a little bit at a time. It was quite excessive to tear down two dorms, Martin and Case, before one of the new ones was done being built. This would have allowed for more available dorm rooms. I also believe it was unnecessary to tear down the Brockton apartments while New Hall B is being built because construction depleted a huge portion of commuter parking.

Overall, most EKU students would probably agree that the mass amount of construction on campus is excessive and annoying. It may be improving campus overall in the long run, but it could have been done piece-by-piece, instead of at one time. Not only is it hurting the atmosphere and the beauty of campus, but it has depleted housing and parking spaces on a major scale.