caa-onlineTwenty-one chairs of EKU academic programs took the stand for the second time last week to defend their majors and minors from being cut from the university.

All 21 programs recommended for suspension by the academic budget review subcommittee were given the chance to plead their case to Faculty Senate Sept. 12 and the Council on Academic Affairs Sept. 15 before recommendations are sent to EKU President Michael Benson and the Board of Regents.

In similar fashion to the Faculty Senate meeting, the program coordinators were given 15 minutes to persuade the CAA why their program is valuable to the university. CAA deliberated and voted on whether to recommend suspension for programs, or move them to either probation or a “watch list.”

Programs the CAA voted to recommend for suspension:

Comparative Humanities B.A.

Humanities Minor

Theatre Concentration in English B.A.

Theatre Teaching Concentration in English Teaching B.A.

Religion Minor

Applied Ethics Minor

MBA Concentration in Accounting

MBA Concentration in Integrated Communication

Science for Engineering A.A.S.

Programs the CAA voted not to recommend for suspension:

French Teaching B.A.

French Minor

Theatre Minor

Horticulture B.S.

Horticulture Minor

Geography B.A.

Geography Minor

Journalism B.A.

Journalism Minor

Programs the CAA voted to recommending to be placed on a watch list:

Technical Writing Concentration in English B.A.

French B.A.

Programs the CAA voted to recommend for probation:

Social Intelligence and Leadership Studies Minor

“The budget situation is not hypothetical,” Vice Provost Sherry Robinson said. “We are receiving three and a half million less.”

Provost Janna Vice agreed.

“We will have to look at cutting one million dollars elsewhere if no programs are cut,” Vice said.

Horticulture Chair Carla Hagan reiterated that the university could lose more by cutting some programs.

“EKU will experience a net loss of $173,113 if horticulture is cut,” Hagan said.

Geography and Geology Chair Melissa Dieckmann discussed the campus-wide need for the geography department, stating that 18 of 25 classes offered in the GEO program double as general education courses or are required for 16 other majors.

Journalism chair Pam Parry proposed a merge of the journalism and broadcasting departments. Instead of completely cutting the journalism major this would create one the first broadcast news concentration programs in the state, and the department says it will draw students to EKU said Parry.

Programs placed probation simply means no immediate action will be taken, but the program will be reviewed again in one year to look at their overall growth. The watch list means the program will be reviewed after two academic years.

The decisions made by the CAA are not final. Faculty Senate will meet again Oct. 3 and vote on its recommendations for suspension. Benson will have until Oct. 14 to make recommendations and the Board of Regents will vote on final program cuts in December.

Julia Dake, Amber Booth and Noena Zerna contributed to this story.