To whom it may concern,

Did the changes made to EKU’s parking system this past summer of 2016 make things work any better for residents and commuters? No, because people have to park illegally and park in different lots that aren’t anywhere near their dorms. Also, this parking situation has filled the parking lots to their capacity and has caused students to park illegally on yellow caution lines or along curbs in hazardous zones.. Some people have also moved traffic cones and construction fences to find parking and that got their car towed. Because EKU made the decision to change up the parking zones, resulting in less spots for a large incoming class, it has resulted in mass chaos for resident and commuter students trying to park either near their dorms or near their classes.

EKU deciding to tear down so many buildings has also reduced parking. Ashland, Perkins and Vickers lots are all across the bypass from campus. This makes it either a long walk for students or they have to wait for a shuttle. Another reason it is so rough on residents is there are more residents than commuters, and there are huge lots for commuters and not very big ones for residents.

On the other hand, EKU does provide what they can for the parking situation for us. For example, they made a new lot, the Vickers lot for extra parking, and there is also a large lot called the Perkins lot next to the Stratton building. There is also the Ashland lot next to the Ashland building, and a decent sized lot next to the Center of the Arts that is  marked for General parking that anyone can use.

Parking could be a lot better if they had not decided to make so many changes and tear down more than one building at a time. The parking office could make more parking for residents and stop making all the big lots for commuters since there aren’t as many of them.


Jackson Roederer